Miley Cyrus-Fly on the Wall

28. března 2009 v 8:11 | KikushQa-Musa-Stella |  Miley Cyrus
You don´t understand what it is.
That makes me tick.
But yo wish you did.
You always second guess,wonder if i say yes,but you just lose out every time.
If you only knew what i talked about.
When I´m with my friends just hangin´ out.
Then you´d have whatthe inside scoop.
On what to say,what to do.
That way when you play the game.
Baby you could never lose.
Don´t you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall.
A creepy little sneaky little Fly on the Wall.
All my precious secrets,yeah.
You´d know them all.
Don´t you wish that you could be a Fly on the Wall.
You´d love to know,the things I do.
When I´m with friends,and not with you.
Your always second guess,wonder if.
There´s other guys im flirting with.
You should know by now.
If you were my boyfriend,I´d be true to you.
If I make a promise,I´m comin´ thru.
Don´t you wish that you could.
See me every second of the day.
That way you woudl have no doubt.
That baby i would never stray.
A little communication.
Well that´ll go a long way.
You´re getting misimformation.
Too much hearsay,hearsay and what i say come a little closer.
And what I´m gonna say is.
Don´t You...
Don´t you wish you were a...

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